Union Cup Live

We’re delighted to announce that the stream of the main pitch for all matches both Saturday and Sunday of the Union Cup will be hosted free to air on Pundit Arena TV page.┬áThis feed will also be available on our Facebook Page.

We will be updating this page with the live results of the matches as they’re announced, check back soon!

Union Cup Day 2 – Results


Ann-Louise Gilligan Bowl Final: DCU 19 to Stockholm & Barbarians 7

Challenger Bowl Final: Kings Cross Steelers 29 to Bulls & Cardiff 10

Challenger Cup Final: Liverpool Tritons 5 to Manchester VS II 10

Union Shield Final: Kings Cross Steelers III 32 to Bristol Bisons 7

Cu Chulainn Shield Final: Northampton Outlaws 17 to Wessex Wyverns 10

Cu Chulainn Cup Final: Leeds Hunters 5 to DH & Libera 3

Cu Chulainn Bowl Semi Final: Kings Cross Steelers IV 24 to Dunfermline Knights 38

Union Bowl Final: Birmingham Bulls 19 to Tou Win 5

Union Plate Final: Newcastle Ravens 31 to Le Gaillard 5

Ann Louise Gilligan Cup Final: Railway Union 51 to Suttonians 0

Semi Finals

Challenger Cup SF1: Liverpool Tritons 24 to Emerald Warriors iiii 0

Challener Cup SF2: Manchester VS2 70 to Northern Powerhouse 0

Challenger Bowl SF1: Kings Cross Steelers V 41 to Kings Cross VI 5

Challenger Bowl SF2: Glasgow Alphas 7 to Bulls & Cardiff 23

Ann Louise Gilligan Cup SF1: Railway Union 24 to Blackrock 9

Ann Louise Gilligan Cup SF2: UL BOHS 5 to Suttonians 22

Cu Chulainn Cup SF 1: Leeds Hunters 8 to Emerald Warriors II 5

Cu Chulainn Cup Sf2: DH & Libera 31 to Les Coq Festifs 0

Cu Chulainn Shield SF1: North Hampton Outlaws 25 to Berlin Bruisers 15

Cu Chulainn Shield SF2: Straffe Ketten 0 to Wessex Wyverns 19

Cu Chulainn Bowl SF1: Sea Serpents 14 to Kings Cross Steelers IV 21

Cu Chulainn Bowl SF2: Dunfermline Knights 19 to Munich Monks 7

Union Plate SF1: Newcastle Ravens 17 to Rebelyons 5

Union Plate SF2: Cologne Crushers 0 to Les Gaillard 22

Union Shield SF1: Caledonian Thebans 5 to Kings Cross Steelers III 15

Union Shield SF2: Bristol Bisons 21 to Amsterdam Lowlanders 7

Union Cup SF1: Kings Cross Steelers I 15 to Emerald Warriors 0

Union Cup SF2: Manchester VS I 34 to Kings Cross Steelers II 19

Union Cup Day 1 – Results

Pitch 1

Manchester VS I v Stockholm Berserkers 24-10
Emerald Warriors I v Cologne Crushers 43-0
King’s Cross Steelers I v Rebelyon 66-0
Emerald Warriors I v Kings Cross Steelers III 47-0
King’s Cross Steelers I v Bristol Bisons 52-0
Emerald Warriors I v Tou’Win 14-3

Pitch 3

King’s Cross Steelers I v Birmingham Bulls I 41-0
King’s Cross Steelers II v Madrid Titanes 36-5
Manchester VS I v Les Gaillard 43-0
King’s Cross Steelers II v Caledonian Thebans 31-0
Stockholm Berserkers v Les Gaillard 41-5
King’s Cross Steelers III v Cologne Crushers 12-0

Pitch 2

Les Gaillard v Amsterdam Lowlanders 0-17
Tou’Win v King’s Cross Steelers III 36-5
Birmingham Bulls I v Bristol Bisons 54-3
Madrid Titanes v Newscastle Ravens 17-12
Manchester VS I v Amsterdam Lowlanders 27-0
King’s Cross Steelers II v Newcastle Ravens 26-0

Pitch 4

Rebelyons v Bristol Bisons 7-36
Caledonian Thebans v Newcastle Ravens 22-5
Stockholm Berserkers v Amsterdam Lowlanders 27-0
Tou’Win v Cologne Crushers 31-14
Birmingham Bulls I v Rebelyons 85-0
Madrid Titanes v Caledonian Thebans 26-5
Challenger Cup Day 1 – Results

Pitch 1

Emerald Warriors III v Liverpool Tritons 10-5
King’s Cross Steelers V v Emerald Warriors III 7-5
Bulls & Cardiff v Emerald Warriors III 12-29

Pitch 3

Glasgow Alphas v King’s Cross Steelers VI 50-10

Pitch 5

King’s Cross Steelers V v Bulls & Cardiff 14-12
Northern Power v King’s Cross Steelers VI 31-5

Pitch 2

Bulls & Cardiff v Liverpool Tritons 10-20
Manchester VS II v Northern Power 29-0
Manchester VS II v King’s Cross Steelers VI 65-0
Glasgow Alphas v Northern Power 12-29

Pitch 4

Manchester VS II v Glasgow Alphas 31-15
King’s Cross Steelers V v Liverpool Tritons 0-27
Cu Chulainn Cup Day 1 – Results

Pitch 1

Emerald Warriors II v Les Coqs Festifs 5-5
Emerald Warriors II v Berlin Bruisers 26-0
Emerald Warriors II v Munich Monks 12-5

Pitch 3

King’s Cross Steelers IV v DH & Libera 15-20
Sea Serpents v Straffe Ketten 24-0
Wessex Wyverns v Leeds Hunters 7-36
King’s Cross Steelers IV v Straffe Ketten 26-5
Les Coqs Festifs v Berlin Bruisers 33-0

Pitch 5

Northampton Outlaws v Dunfermline Knights 15-24
DH & Libera v Straffe Ketten 15-0
Northampton Outlaws v Leeds Hunters 14-35
Wessex Wyverns v Dunfermline Knights 7-26

Pitch 2

Northampton Outlaws v Wessex Wyverns 22-5
Berlin Bruisers v Munich Monks 0-22

Pitch 4

Dunfermline Knights v Leeds Hunters 5-26
King’s Cross Steelers IV v Sea Serpents 12-19
Les Coqs Festifs v Munich Monks 7-5
DH & Libera v Sea Serpents 10-7
Ann-Louise Gilligan Cup Day 1 – Results

Pitch 1

Railway Union v Stockholm & Barbarians 58-0
UL Bohemian v Tallaght 41-5
Stockholm & Barbarians v Blackrock College 0-34

Pitch 3

Blackrock College v DCU 12-10
Suttonians v Swords & North Meath 52-0
Railway Union v DCU 67-0

Pitch 2

UL Bohemian v Sutton 17-12
Railway Union v Blackrock College 27-7
Suttonians v Tallaght 56-0

Pitch 4

Tallaght v Swords & North Meath 5-20
Stockholm & Barbarians v DCU 5-47
UL Bohemian v Swords & North Meath 62-0