Bohemians vs Sligo Rovers prediction on 02 06 2023


The prediction for this Ireland Premier Division match:

Friday evening is set to be an exciting one in Dalymount Park as Bohemians take on Sligo Rovers in a bid to put an end to their four-game winless run. With the home crowd behind them, the Gypsies will be looking to make the most of this opportunity and come away with all three points.

It promises to be a thrilling encounter, and one that could have huge implications for both sides’ ambitions this season. The Bohs are in the title race and they are determined to stay there. They have been putting in their best efforts and have been consistent in their performance.

As they take on Sligo, we are positive that the Bohs will go all out to ensure that they keep up with the competition and stay in the title race. It is sure to be an exciting match as both teams battle it out for a place at the top of the table.

The home team is in a good position ahead of the round 18 clash, as they have no fresh injury worries. This means that they will be able to field their strongest lineup and give their best performance on the pitch.

It is a great opportunity for them to capitalize on their strengths and put in a dominating performance against their opponents.

More info about the future match:

Derry City’s three-match losing streak came to an end when Cameron McJannett scored an own-goal for the visitors. The goal was enough to secure a win for the visitors, who have now put an end to their losing streak.

The Bit O Red are a football team that have historically been considered poor travellers, which has had an impact on their ability to win away games. This is why home win is often seen as the better option when it comes to betting on their matches. However, with the right tactics and strategy, they can still be successful away from home.

Who will be absent:

John Mahon has been handed a one-game ban, while all of Hartmann, Clancy, Walsh, O’Sullivan, Boylan, Byrne and Buckley have been ruled out due to injuries. This leaves the team in a precarious position as they prepare for their next match. With so many key players missing from the squad it will be a difficult task for them to get the victory they need.

Nando Pijnaker’s injury in the last league match was certainly a blow to the team. With Pijnaker out of action, Johan Brannefalk is likely to step up and fill the void left by his teammate. It will be interesting to see how Brannefalk performs in this new role and how it affects the team’s performance going forward.

Highlighted player (Cameron McJannett):

Top facts about the player

Cameron McJannett is a name that will be remembered for years to come in the football world. Throughout his playing career, he has been a force to be reckoned with on the field, having played in 142 matches and scored 11 goals while also providing 7 assists.

Cameron McJannett is a professional soccer player who recently signed a contract with his current team until December 27, 2022. His current value is set at 125 thousand Euros and the maximum value of the contract is also fixed at the same amount. This means that he will be able to stay with his team for a few more years and have a steady income from the guaranteed salary.

Biggest loss

On July 16, 2021, Cameron McJannett of Derry City had a tough match against Shamrock Rovers. Despite his best efforts, the team suffered a 2-4 defeat. It was a difficult night for Cameron and the rest of the team as they were unable to get the victory.

Biggest win

Cameron McJannett had a great performance for Derry City on 22 April 2022, scoring 1 goal and helping the team to a 7-1 victory over University College Dublin.

His good teamwork throughout the game was appreciated by everyone in attendance, as he showed off his skill and determination to help his team succeed. It was an impressive display from McJannett, who is quickly becoming one of the most exciting young players in Irish football.

Club career and participation in matches for the national team

Cameron McJannett is a professional footballer who has had a successful career playing for various clubs. He started his career with Derry City before making the move to Stoke City U21 and then onto Stoke City U18, Luton Town U18 and finally Stoke City. Throughout his career he has been able to show his versatility and skill as a player, making him a valuable asset to any team.

Highlighted team (Bohemians):

Bells Academy is a civil service college located in North Great Georges Street, and it was here that a small group of aspiring footballers decided to join forces with students from the Hi. This created an unlikely but powerful combination of talent, determination and ambition that would soon be making waves in the world of football.

The history:

Richfield Sports Club, established on 19 October 18, is the origin of the meeting at the North Circular Road entrance to the Phoenix Park. This meeting has since become a regular event at the park and it’s a great way for people to come together and enjoy sports, games and other activities. It’s a great way for people to get out of their homes and explore nature in a fun and exciting way.

Bells Academy has a long and proud history of association football, and it is from this that the club emerged. The need to accommodate players from outside the college was a major factor in the formation of this club, which has since grown into one of the most successful clubs in the region. With a dedicated team of coaches, players and supporters, this club has continued to grow and thrive over its many years in existence.

The origin of the name ‘Bohemians’ for the new club is a mystery that has been debated for years. While there are various theories, it is difficult to ascertain which one was the precise inspiration behind its adoption as the most suitable name. Different sources point to different ideas and motivations, but none of them have been confirmed.

In 1893, the club began their journey from the Phoenix Park to Jones Road before finally settling in Whitehall, Glasnevin in 1895. This marked the beginning of a long and successful journey for the club which would last for many years to come. The move to Whitehall was a major milestone for the club and it provided them with a new home where they could play their matches and develop their skills.

The appointment of Alex Blayney as Chairman, Dudley Hussey as Honorary Secretary and Frank Whittaker as Honorary Treasurer marked the beginning of a new era for the club.

They were the first officers to be appointed and they had a huge responsibility to ensure that the club was able to achieve its goals and objectives. With their skills, knowledge and experience, they set out to make sure that all members were looked after and that the club was successful in its endeavors.

On 5 December, the College Park witnessed a remarkable match between two of Dublin’s most renowned teams - Dublin University and Bohemians. This was an ‘association football’ match that had the fans on their toes throughout the entire game.

It was a thrilling display of skill and technique from both sides as they fought to gain an advantage over each other.

We wish luck to both teams. Go Bohemians! Go Sligo Rovers!

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